RECENT RELEASE – Alone in Africa

Sometimes it seems as though every book you pick up—especially books for kids and teens—is the same old story just done over. The same “best friend issues.” The same problems with the class queen. The same kids being left out of the baseball game. And you wonder: isn’t there anything else to write about? Something with some more imagination to it…something that will open new vistas in my child’s head…something that may take him to a different and more exotic locale…something with some more umph to it…something else?

Well, you asked for it, and you got it! Here it is—Alone in Africa—a book for tweens and teens (and their parents, too!) that is so stuffed with imagination and adventure that it’s practically oozing out of the book’s seams and sockets!

Alone in Africa. Even the name just gives you the chills, doesn’t it? And that’s even before you start reading it… This is a book of suspense and adventure… of charging elephants and sinister tribal chieftains…of enemy tribes marching into battle…of heroic family members braving danger for each other… and of trusting in Hashem wherever in the world you may be…

Join Nesanel, Penina, and Chezky on their adventure—because if it’s adventure that you were looking for, you’ve come to the right place and opened the right book!

Click here to purchase online.

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