New Release – Moshe Goes to Yeshiva

He’s standing there, your little tzaddik’l, all stiff and smart in his new school-clothes, knapsack firmly in place on his back, penny for tzedakah taped securely to his shirt, all ready for the bus to come and whisk him off to yeshivah for the first time. At least he’s all ready, you’re thinking to yourself. But what about me?  I don’t know if I’m ready for this baby-to-big-kid transformation yet…

But as you attempt another brave smile at your new yeshiva boy, you suddenly notice that the big boy himself is beginning to look a little less macho… and a bit scared, too… He’s eyeing the yellow school bus that’s creeping closer to his stop, and…oh, no…his chin is starting to quiver…

Hold it right there, Mommy! Your little one will be just fine! Looks like he’ll be a perfect candidate for Moshe Goes to Yeshiva, that’s all!  Nothing like a great new book about a kid who feels just like him to smooth out those normal, first-day-of-school jitters…

Moshe Goes to Yeshiva is an excellent way to prepare your little son or daughter for the new school year. In this book, you’ll follow Moshe, about to start school for the first time, as he explores his fears on the subject, and then goes on to have a wonderful day in yeshiva. This book radiates reassurance to small children, as well as excitement, as they see, like Moshe, how much fun school can really be…

To purchase online click here.

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