The Story that Never Ends and other stories

Does your pre-teen gobble up books the way your teenage son eats up the cookies you send him in yeshivah? Then you need to keep that tween of yours stocked up with plenty of good reading material! (And I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to keep the yeshivah bachur stocked up with cookies, too…)

The Story that Never Ends is a great way to fill your book “pantry.” While we can’t promise you that the book will go on forever without end (wouldn’t you love a book for your child that did??), we can tell you that it will provide endless hours of reading pleasure for your tween! Written by popular author and columnist Rachel Stein, The Story that Never Ends is comprised of 25 great stories about kids with struggles and dreams like those of your own child. There’s Mordechai, who so desperately wants his father to have a beautiful silver menorah instead of his regular, small, tin one; there’s Ariella, who struggles with her weight, as well as with the social issues caused by it; there’s Tullie and Reuven, who are torn about how to spend the money their grandparents gave them for their eighth-grade graduation…suffice it to say that this book is about lots of great characters, with lots of very realistic issues, and it will make your pre-teen one very happy child to read it!

Click here to purchase online.

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