New Release – Avrohom Ben Avrohom

L579For those craving an excellent historical novel, a book that provides a breathtaking glimpse into another era, even as it entertains you with its goosebump-raising tale…well, well, have we got the book of the season for you…!

This is a classic that has been out of print for way too long. Now, finally, it has come back in print, complete with a new look and updated front cover. Avrohom Ben Avrohom is the spellbinding, heart-wrenching story of the legendary ger tzedek of Vilna, who lived during the upheavals that were so much a part of Jewish life in the Ashkenazic communities of mid-eighteenth-century Europe. Amidst the heart-stopping tale of the young cardinal-to-be who discovers Judaism and converts at a risk to his life, though never dreaming what the outcome of his decision would eventually turn out to be, readers are introduced to the Torah giants of that generation, including Rav Yechezkel Landau, Rav Yonasan Eibschutz, Rav Yaakov Emden, and the Vilna Gaon, in a fascinating way.

You will love the twists and turns Avrohom Ben Avrohom will take you on. For years and years, many readers have been riveted by this emotion-laden and suspenseful book. Now it’s your turn to sink your teeth into it. Just be prepared to give yourself a big chunk of reading time for the book, as this is one read you will not be putting down until the very last page!

Click here to purchase online.

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