Recent Release – The Step-by-Step Reading Series

C334 C335“Hi, I’m calling about an idea for a new manuscript?”

“Okay,” says I, “what’s it about?”

“Well, it’s a new idea…a much-needed, new kind of thing in the frum world.”

Now I’m intrigued. What could this “much-needed, new kind of book” be?

“Well,” says the aspiring author, “you know how there are so many secular I-Can-Read books out there? You know the kind of books I’m talking about—where the book is simple enough for a beginning, first-grade reader to read to himself, but whose words become progressively longer and harder as the child’s reading improves? So, my idea was: why not create some Jewish I-Can-Read books? This way, when our kids will be using these books during their learning-to-read process, parents can be assured that they will be picking up kosher values at the same time.”

And I’m nodding my head and saying, “Sounds great! You’re in good company, you know!”

Because we’ve probably gotten this call—or a version of it—at least half a dozen times. Every parent and educator, it seems, wants frum I-Can-Read books for their primary and first grade kids.

The problem, however, was that no one had ever actually done anything about the idea at all, other than suggest it to us or send us a vague kind of manuscript. That is, until two very talented and ambitious reading specialists, Mrs. Esti Weiss and Mrs. Faigy Rosenberg, came along with their Step-by-Step Reading Series.

This series that they created is the answer to many a Jewish parent and educator’s wish. The books in this series are designed to parallel the standard curriculum goals set in place in the school system, while providing fun and culturally appropriate stories for your budding reader at the same time. The first two books in this series, Eli’s Bags and Is Dovid Big?, have just been released, and are sure to take parents and educators by storm with their delightful way of building and enhancing children’s reading skills.

Is six-year-old Shloimy begging you to read books with him? Give him these fun, skill-building reading books—and watch his eyes sparkle!

Click here to purchase online.

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