NEW RELEASE! I Can Go By Myself

C340If you have a 2 ½ year old kid who you’re thinking of toilet training, I have three things to tell you. Number one: Good luck! Number two: Good luck! And number three: Good luck!

No, seriously, I have a little boy around toilet training age, too, and I’m dragging my feet to begin the process. I know from past experience with other kids that toilet training a child is far from fun!

Well, at least that’s what I had thought up until last week, when I brought home the adorable new children’s book on toilet training, I Can Go By Myself, and began reading it to my little one. Suddenly, toilet training didn’t seem so terrible after all.

We giggled our way through each set of rhymes, stopping to admire the charming illustrations before turning to the next page. Then, when we finished reading it, I was commanded to, “Read again!” And so read again I did…and then another time…and then once more… Pretty soon, my son and I were chanting the rhymes together by heart, and he was running to show me that he also knew what to do in the bathroom.

While I Can Go By Myself will not train your kid for you (if there is a book out there that does, please let me know about it!), it will introduce him to the concept of using the bathroom in an extremely fun, child-friendly, and most importantly, kosher and refined way. The entire toilet training process is described in adorable rhymes, with illustrations that are so cute, you almost want to pinch the little character’s cheek.

By far, my child’s most popular line was about “zooming zippity-zip, to the bathroom like a rocket ship” in order to stay dry. And you know what? If he wants to go around the house chanting that over and over, I’m all for it…it just might sink in!

In any case, once you read this book, too, I’m sure you’ll agree with me: I Can Go By Myself is a one-of-a-kind children’s book in the Jewish market, and it will significantly enhance and even accelerate the entire toilet training process for your child. Buy it for your child, read it to him…and may you have lots of hatzlachah with the whole training experience!

Click here to purchase online.

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