Where Wild Marigolds Grow – IN STORES NOW!

L595There are different types of novels out there. Some are the roller-coaster, spine-tingling ones, the ones with cloak-and-dagger material and guns and spies and shadows; the ones not intended for the faint of heart. Others are the exact opposite: nice, light reading for your reading relaxation needs. Then there is another type of novel—a well-written, contemporary story, with believable characters who have realistic challenges and issues…and an unmistakable, strong message interwoven throughout. When you read this book, you are definitely being enthralled and entertained—yet when you finish it, you don’t feel like, Why did I just waste my time reading this story? The inspirational lessons brought out in the book leave you with much food for thought, even long after you’ve turned the last page.

Where Wild Marigolds Grow is this type of novel. It’s a great book—readers of all types will agree to that—yet it doesn’t leave you feeling empty after you’ve finished reading it. To the contrary, this is a book that you’ll be hashing about with your friends over a cup of coffee. Hot topics are taken up and brutally examined; the deepest subconscious thoughts of the characters are not pushed aside, but are brought to the table and dealt with in an honest and thorough way. Leah, Miriam, their husbands, and all the rest of the cast come alive in readers’ minds in a very real way, as readers find themselves relating to these characters, whether because of their life experiences, challenges, or the growth processes they, too, have gone through.

For all thinking readers of today’s day and age—Where Wild Marigolds Grow is a book you’ll find yourselves devouring again and again.

Click here to purchase online.

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