NEW RELEASE! Guilt-Free Chocolate

C353When you’ve taken one bite of a heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth, nougat-filled, Viennese-crunch-covered piece of chocolate (hungry for some, anyone?), well, there’s no stopping at just that one piece! You’re bound to reach for another piece…and then another…and then another…

That’s the way it is with Rachel Stein’s short story books for tweens. Her first collection of short stories, The Story that Never Ends, was so tantalizing, that many of her tween fans wanted more. And since we at Israel Bookshop do our best to deliver…here you have it, the release of Guilt-Free Chocolate, a delicious, new collection of short stories that the special tween in your life will absolutely devour, without any guilt whatsoever!

In Guilt-Free Chocolate, tweens will read about kids their own age, kids just like them, who have struggles and triumphs that they can relate to oh-so-well. We recommend this as a great reading book for any tween-aged kid. So sit back with it, relax, and enjoy—and bon appetite!

Click here to purchase online.

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