NEW RELEASE! The Tznius Challenge, The Tznius Connection

L643There was something that just pulled you to Devorah. When she entered the room, a quiet sort of dignity followed her in. As subtle and refined as her conduct was, she exuded a radiance that was hard to miss.

I met Devorah in seminary. The first time I saw her, I could tell right away that this girl was special. She was the epitome of the word “tznius.” Everything about her, from her kosher neckline, to the demure style of her clothes, to her modest demeanor, shone with a tznius that was…beautiful. There is no other way to describe it.

But the amazing thing about it was that Devorah was no neb! To the contrary, she had a great personality, dressed tastefully, and was a lot of fun to be around. I was amazed at how she personified the fact that being a tznuah and being normal are not mutually exclusive. As Jewish women, we can—and should—be both.

That’s what The Tznius Challenge, The Tznius Connection strives to portray. This beautiful book offers the perspective of dozens of frum women and girls—normal women and girls, like you and me—whom the author interviewed on the topic of struggling for tznius.

Yes, you read that right. This is not just another hashkafah book that will tell you how glorious the mitzvah of tznius is. While you’ll read about that in this book, too, The Tznius Challenge, The Tznius Connection gives most of its focus to identifying the common challenges we all face when it comes to dressing/behaving modestly, and providing chizuk to its readers so that they can feel strong enough to surmount those challenges each day.

We read about the specific challenges in tznius experienced by Bais Yaakov girls, seminary students, teachers, and homemakers. For some, it was the issue of not wearing loud and unrefined clothing and jewelry. For others, the struggle lay in maintaining an eidel composure in public even when just told exciting news. The common denominator of all the “tznius challenges” is the fact that none of them were easy to surmount.

Reading this book will show you that you are not alone in your struggle for tznius. Many others just like you have struggled with this mitzvah—and have triumphed; they now wear the glowing crown of tznius proudly upon their heads.

And like them, so can you.

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