NEW RELEASE! A Family for Frayda

L655Which teen doesn’t have some kind of problem in her life? Problems with friends (think high school politics), problems with school (think the murderous math test coming up), problems with complexions (think the horrible pimple that just sprouted overnight), problems with appearances (think the stubborn ten pounds that just won’t get lost, no matter how many donuts you turn down or how many gyms you join). And while no one would ever wish for someone else to have problems, the fact is that hearing or reading about someone who’s in a worse situation than your own often makes you realize how very lucky you are after all—and sort of helps you gloss over whatever problems you do have.

That’s what A Family for Frayda will do to you. Teens reading this book will find themselves sympathizing for Frayda’s very real problem: she has no family she can call her own. Her father has passed away, and her mother, having divorced Frayda’s father years before, has remarried and lives far away overseas…which leaves fifteen-year-old Frayda basically on her own, in the care of a kind neighbor. And then the neighbor decides to go away on a trip abroad one day…

But this book is not only about whimpers and wishful dreaming. This is a book that pulsates with drama and dialogue; a book that’s filled with emotion and tochen; a book that really speaks to teens, as it gives them a peek into the life of a remarkable girl and her journey to finding a place where she finally feels that she belongs.

If you’re looking for a great read for your teen, and for yourself too,  A Family for Frayda makes an excellent choice.

Click here to purchase online.

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