NEW RELEASE! Free At Last – From Mud to Mirth

C357Do you have non-religious relatives whose kids are curious about Passover? Are your neighbor’s secular grandchildren coming to her for the Pesach Seder?

For those in need of a great kiruv tool this Pesach for newcomers to Judaism, Free At Last—From Mud to Mirth, is exactly what you need. Beautifully illustrated and accompanied by a Hebrew-English Haggadah, this whimsical and dramatic account brings readers behind the scenes of what happened during the slavery of Mitzrayim and the redemption. It comes along with its own musical read-along CD, so that even young children can appreciate what the book has to offer (before Yom Tov, that is; make sure to remove the CD from its sleeve if you want to use the book and Haggadah on Pesach!).

You may find yourself howling with laughter with Free At Last, but one thing is for sure: this book will definitely give its readers a terrific understanding of sipur Yetziyas Mitzrayim, in a really fun way!

Click here to purchase online.

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