NEW RELEASE! 23 Under 1 Roof – Vol. 2: Look Out, London!

March 11, 2014

C359As a young couple with one young baby, my husband and I once went out to a mall and were approached by a man taking a survey. He had been hired by a vacation home time-sharing company that was interested in targeting the religious community. The first question that threw us (We got through the ‘Hi. How are you folks tonight?’ part just fine.) was: ‘Where do you like to go on vacation when you want to get away without the kids?’ We stared uncomprehendingly at this alien in human garb and were rendered speechless. Eventually we stammered “Go away, uhm, without our baby? Maybe you should ask someone else.” We were too new in the parenting profession to even consider it, although now, two decades later, I’m not sure we would refuse such an opportunity.

Truth is, most of the time religious couples pack up everything and go somewhere, they’re either fleeing chametz or heading to a simchah, and most of the time the kids come with. Practically speaking this means: 1) You can go anywhere in the world because getting out the door is getting out the door, whether you’re headed to Target or Antarctica, and 2) You don’t need to bring a tourist guidebook along because your young travel companions are bound to create a lot of street theatre wherever you go! If that’s true for an average family, imagine what traveling means when you’ve got way more than a minyan…

Touring London after a family chassunah, would be exciting for anyone, but with 21 kids ranging from 2 months up to 19 years (Yes, they do have lots of twins and that’s also part of the fun), the Schneider family ends up the talk of the town – literally. From pretending to be a wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds museum, to meeting Her Royal Highness the Queen in person, the action (and reactions!) never end.

I’m supposed to tell you that 23 Under 1 Roof: Look Out, London! is a wholesome, charming and funny book for kids, but all the “big kids” who worked on this project laughed along with it. That’s why you need to make your children promise to share it with you.

So come along for the ride. How else can you take your kids so ‘far away’ and have so many adventures, without even packing a juice box?

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

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Dance of the Puppet – Chapter 36

March 6, 2014

purple bookIsrael Book Shop presents Chapter 36 of a new online serial novel, Dance of the Puppet, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week. Click here for previous chapters. 

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Moishe Berman protested that, “It’s not necessary,” and that, “I didn’t do anything yet,” and although he was right, Nosson insisted on pressing a few bills into his hand, for his efforts.

“Because of you, we know that we did whatever we could at this point,” Nosson said. “We’ve had Brutney interrogated by the police, and now we see that our only option is to find Ehud. True, it’s more complicated than it seemed at first, but… By the way, do you believe them that it isn’t Brutney?”

“I think so. He was questioned by a top-notch interrogator, and the interrogator clearly specified in his report that the person is completely innocent. It’s not always the unsavory-looking characters who are the thieves, you know.”

“And it’s not clear that the nice-looking guy was the thief, but…”

“But there is a big chance that he is,” Moishe said. “And I haven’t yet given up on finding him, even if at Pelephone his number is registered under a name of someone who has never been born, and no one knows what we want.”

“And you spoke very strongly to them.”

“Very,” Moishe said dejectedly. “They really couldn’t help me. The number is listed under the name of someone Gideon Streicher from Eilat, who was born in 1962. The Interior Ministry has no records of such a person, or even someone with similar information. There is no such person and never was.” Keep Reading…

NEW RELEASE! A Life of Torah

March 6, 2014

C358I think it’s safe to say that after the recent petirah of Harav Ovadiah Yosef zt”l, and all the media coverage that abounded afterward about this great and holy man, the thoughts and feelings running through countless Jewish parents’ minds were of an identical nature: How can my children become like this tzaddik? What can I do to inspire them to follow in his great ways?

While of course there’s no magical, fool-proof recipe to follow to succeed in raising children who are tzaddikim and talmidei chachamim, and at the end of the day, what everything really boils down to is lots and lots of earnest tefillos and siyata d’Shmaya, there’s no question that inspirational stories of our gedolim go a long way in touching our precious children’s hearts and motivating them to want to become gedolim ba’Torah, too.

And if the stories are written in a book, and told over in a kid-friendly way, with stunning, lifelike illustrations accompanying them all—well, it won’t take long before such a book becomes a fast favorite among children and begins flying off the bookshelves.

So, parents out there, take note, and consider yourselves forewarned! A Life of Torahan unbelievably beautiful children’s book of stories about the greatness of Harav Ovadiah Yosef zt”l—has just been released, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes sold out…

A book as striking as this one does not come out often. Do yourself and your kids a favor and pick up a copy of it soon, while supplies still last. You won’t be disappointed.

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NEW RELEASE! A Family for Frayda

March 5, 2014

L655Which teen doesn’t have some kind of problem in her life? Problems with friends (think high school politics), problems with school (think the murderous math test coming up), problems with complexions (think the horrible pimple that just sprouted overnight), problems with appearances (think the stubborn ten pounds that just won’t get lost, no matter how many donuts you turn down or how many gyms you join). And while no one would ever wish for someone else to have problems, the fact is that hearing or reading about someone who’s in a worse situation than your own often makes you realize how very lucky you are after all—and sort of helps you gloss over whatever problems you do have.

That’s what A Family for Frayda will do to you. Teens reading this book will find themselves sympathizing for Frayda’s very real problem: she has no family she can call her own. Her father has passed away, and her mother, having divorced Frayda’s father years before, has remarried and lives far away overseas…which leaves fifteen-year-old Frayda basically on her own, in the care of a kind neighbor. And then the neighbor decides to go away on a trip abroad one day…

But this book is not only about whimpers and wishful dreaming. This is a book that pulsates with drama and dialogue; a book that’s filled with emotion and tochen; a book that really speaks to teens, as it gives them a peek into the life of a remarkable girl and her journey to finding a place where she finally feels that she belongs.

If you’re looking for a great read for your teen, and for yourself too,  A Family for Frayda makes an excellent choice.

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