NEW RELEASE! From Darkness to Light

C363I remember one of the first times I saw a Gadi Pollak illustration: it took me about ten minutes to look at it! This may sound odd to those who are not familiar with this talented and acclaimed artist’s work, but for those who know about Pollak’s artistic genius, it makes a lot of sense. Each picture Gadi Pollak creates is so chock-full of details that if you don’t pore over it for some time, you will certainly miss a whole lot of them.

That’s why, if you are planning to buy Gadi Pollak’s newest children’s Haggadah, called From Darness to Light, make sure you give yourself plenty of time, so that you can fully appreciate this masterpiece! Each extra-wide two-page spread consists of an exquisite, intricately-detailed illustration that incorporates many midrashim on the event portrayed in the picture. For example, Makkas Tzefardei’a—the Plague of Frogs—depicts a very realistic scene of what was going on in Mitzrayim at the time, complete with the huge frog spitting out many small ones as Egyptians stand over it, hitting the giant frog again and again, and animals and people fleeing in fright from all the noisy, croaking creatures.

Although officially a children’s book, adults will find themselves mesmerized by this Haggadah, as well. It really gives its readers—no matter what age—a feel of exactly what transpired during the events of Yetzias Mitzrayim.

Click here to purchase online.

Click here for a sample page.
from darkness to light sample 2


3 Responses to NEW RELEASE! From Darkness to Light

  1. anamericanjew says:

    It should be available in any stores that sell English books in Israel. Try Shanky’s in Yerushalayim.

  2. Chaya says:

    Hi is this being sold in Israel yet?
    If so where?

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