NEW RELEASE! Diamonds from the Dubno Maggid

L691Once upon a time there was a family sitting at the Shabbos table.

All the children from age 2 to 22 were gathered round, munching on challah and sipping chicken soup.

Everyone was waiting for their father to say something…

Mommy was hoping to hear a light vort and then dash back to the kitchen to refill Shmuly’s bowl.

Reuven was hoping for a clever devar Torah with a dash of mussar to share with his vaad.

Chani was hoping to hear about the parshah, so she could tell it to her Bnos group girls in the afternoon.

But they were all outvoted because Shani, Avi, Yosef, Shmuly, Avigail and little Yocheved only wanted stories about really important, exciting topics such as robbers and kings.

Father took a deep breath, rose from his chair and went to fetch his handsome new sefer: Diamonds from the Dubno Maggid: Parables on the Weekly Parshah.

And they all lived happily ever after…

Guest Blogger

Sara Miriam Gross


Click here to purchase online.

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