NEW RELEASE! Rav Schwab on Chumash

L696Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l was legendary in many ways. He was known for his yashrus, for his rock-solid emunah ba’Hashem, and for his brilliance in Torah learning. Indeed, this great man, with his words, speeches, writings, and Torah, was to change the face of twentieth-century American Jewry in a most profound way.

Now, just in time for this tzaddik’s 20th yahrtzeit, here is a book that will give you Rav Schwab’s perspective on the weekly parshah and on life itself.

In Rav Schwab on Chumash, readers will find treasure troves of Rav Schwab’s divrei Torah on the Chumash, as well as many stories, vignettes, and lessons from the life and writings of the Rav that help illustrate various points. Two mini-biographies further complete the richness of this sefer, providing readers with an additional dimension of this holy tzaddik who lived in our midst just two decades ago.

Written by Rav Schwab’s son, Rabbi Meyer J. Schwab, this book is an exquisite portrayal of the teachings and the persona of one of the greatest gedolim of our generation. With Rav Schwab on Chumash, your understanding of the Chumash, as well as your outlook on life in general, will be significantly—and forever—enhanced.

Click here to purchase online.

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