NEW RELEASE! Living Lessons Haggadah

C393The first thing that hits you when you look at Haggadah Shel Pesach – Living Lessons is its unique size. How many long and narrow Haggadahs are there on the market? The truth is, as any veteran Seder-goer will attest, really all Haggadahs should be this size. When everyone is finally seated, shoulder-to-shoulder, at the Seder table, elbows and knees arranged just so, being mindful not to breathe lest they knock over Great-Uncle Shaya’s cup of wine on their right or Cousin Levi’s Haggadah on their left…well, then they can really appreciate a Haggadah that’s long and narrow versus w-i-d-e!

But size is only one amazing feature of this Youth Haggadah. What really makes this Haggadah different from all other Haggadahs is its unique, blended translation-explanation of the text. Each line of the Haggadah has a corresponding line of definition that contains a loose translation in bold type, and the basic meaning of the text in regular type. In simple English, this means that your child can read what the Haggdah is saying, in simple English! How’s that for an innovative approach toward getting your child involved in the Seder?

Of course we can’t overlook the stunning, life-like illustrations that grace the pages of this Haggadah. Flip through the pages and you’ll see what we mean–this Haggadah is truly a work of art.

So for all those looking to enhance their children’s Seder experience, look no further. Haggadah Shel Pesach – Living Lessons is the only youth Haggadah you will need.

Click here to purchase online.

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