NEW RELEASE! MiddosMan Puzzles

C398 C399If you’re like most moms at this time of year, you’re probably feeling frazzled and harried as you try your hardest to clean the house for Pesach, shop, cook, do laundry, and take care of all the other million things a mother must take care of, Pesach time or not. And all this, of course, while entertaining the kids and trying to keep them from undoing whatever work you did manage to get done…

Feeling the pressure, huh?

Well, we can help you out with this! If there’s something little kids love, it’s doing puzzles. And if there’s a much beloved character that kids just can’t get enough of (besides for Uncle Moishy, of course), it’s MiddosMan. Yes, that fun, outgoing, red-haired fellow who knows just when to show up and show kids how to fight their yetzer hara and have good middos.

So, what do you get when you put MiddosMan together with a children’s puzzle? A MiddosMan puzzle, of course! Or, rather, make that two MiddosMan puzzles–because that’s exactly what we have to offer you! Two absolutely adorable, good quality, 24-piece jigsaw puzzles, each depicting a brightly colored scene from one of the MiddosMan books, each guaranteeing hours of fun for your little ones…which, as you know, translates into hours of productive housework-tackling time for you…

It’s really a no-brainer. Settle your kids with these puzzles, and maybe pop one of the MiddosMan CDs into the CD player to really round out the experience–and then go tackle that freezer! (Just don’t blame us if you find yourself working to the beat of “I run, I run, as fast as I can” instead of Avadim Hayinu or Chad Gadya or something….)

Click here to purchase Middos Man Middos Puzzle-Mobile online.

Click here to purchase Middos Man Middos Puzzle-Copter online.

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