NEW RELEASE! Ready to Fly

L721Did you ever wonder where a writer gets his or her ideas from? How often do you scratch your head and think, Now how did they come up with that? Authors are accosted by readers at weddings and bar mitzvahs, or in the supermarket, and are interrogated more thoroughly than the CIA about their plots and characters–to the extent that you’d think they were involved in espionage or something!

“Great story, loved your characters… Who is Tante Grizabella based on? Do you have a relative who behaves like that?”

“Are your stories real? If so, can you write one about me?”

“I’d love to write a story, too, but I can’t come up with any ideas. My head’s filled with air.”

Hmm…now there’s a starter already. “My head’s filled with air…” Where does that lead you?

That’s all it takes…five small words…to stimulate a story.

In her compilation of short stories, renowned Hamodia and Binah author Batya Ruddell takes readers on a personal tour behind the stage, to meet the props and learn what inspired and motivated her to write about them. Each story has an anecdote at the end of it, telling what went on behind the scenes.

This concept is unique; it’s never been done before in any anthology. Ready to Fly provides an insight into an author’s mind, how she sees the world from the perspective of her pen that takes everyday events, develops them into words, and puts them down on paper. It is fascinating to see how she gets from one place to the next, how a single thought or observation can suddenly inspire an entire story or send her off in a completely different direction from where she started. The anecdotes will bring you closer to the author, so you’ll almost feel like you know her.

The stories in this anthology have all previously appeared in either Hamodia or Binah magazine, so many of you will be familiar with some of them. In this inspiring volume, you’ll find stories that you once read and wanted to keep, but somehow the magazine got lost or used as wrapping paper for your kids’ lunches. Now, after the Shabbos meal is over and the children are safely tucked in bed, Batya gives you the opportunity to curl up with your favorites. Beware–you may still be on the couch the next morning!

There is something here for everyone, from a disease-ravaged village in Africa, to a lonely raincloud that doesn’t have any water, to an engaging relationship between a frum, female doctor and her young Russian patient, a famous pianist who lost her hand in an accident. Whichever stories you like best, there’s one thing that’s certain: just like the title of the book, you’ll be lifted up high, carried on wings–ready to fly!

Click here to purchase online.


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