New Release! Torah Tavlin Volume 3!

L759Just in time for Sefer Bereishis!

There’s nothing like a new sefer on the parshah with which to start off the new cycle of parshiyos ha’shavuah, and then stay with throughout the year. And when that sefer is a brand new volume of Torah Tavlin, well, what more could you ask for?

We like to think of Torah Tavlin as a menu that includes something for everyone—from satisfying divrei Torah and savory stories of our gedolim, to the “spicy” quotes of famous Chassidishe masters, and everything in between. A delectable dish is comprised of a vast assortment of ingredients, and in much the same way, the secret to Torah Tavlin’s popularity seems to lie in its diverse variety of stories, parables, and divrei Torah on the parshah each week. Also, the fact that Torah Tavlin is neatly categorized according to the days of the week ensures that you could learn something short and sweet on the parshah every single day!

This new volume of Torah Tavlin includes something unique to the series, as well: concepts in tefillah and the haftorahs. So not only will you be picking up gems from the Chumash with this book—you’ll also be collecting fascinating tidbits and explanations on the weekly haftorahs, and you’ll be gaining plenty from the “tefillah” section in each parshah, too.

So get out there and pick up your own copy of Torah Tavlin with Tefillah and Haftorah, before it sells out! With so many fans all vying for the book, that may happen sooner than you think, you know…

Click here to purchase online.

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