New Release! Tools of the Trade

C413“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Throw out the typical question to a group of kids, and watch the answers—and their imagination—fly! Fire fighter…police chief…doctor…and was that “lion tamer” I just heard, too?

Now, what if you could put a Jewish spin on this question, and, while activating your kids’ imagination and getting them to think about the different jobs they could do when they grow up, have them contemplate along a spiritual angle?

Sheitel machershochetsofer…these are some of the answers you might hear. (Sorry, I don’t know of any Jewish job that involves taming a lion just yet, though of course your child could always be the one to invent that job!) Ah—and here’s where you could listen and shep nachas about the Jewish profession chosen by your little tzaddik or tzaddekes…

That’s what Tools of the Trade, by Aviva Werner, is all about—getting kids to think out of the general box and along more of a Jewish angle when focusing on possible future jobs they might want to do. The book is fun and brightly illustrated, and sure to provide lots of entertainment and discussion with your kids, as they explore the various tools they would need for each “Jewish job.”

Click here to purchase online.

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