New Release! Small Giants

C411Attention all loving Parents and Bubbies and Zeidies out there! Are you on the lookout for a Chanukah gift for your child or einekel that will be both enjoyable and inspirational; something that will keep him/her happily entertained but that will impart important lessons, as well?

We have something that fits that bill to the T: Small Giants, a beautiful book containing 10 tales of tzaddikim in their youth.

We all know how many amazing stories there are about gedolim once they already achieved rosh yeshivah/rebbe/leader-of-Klal Yisrael status. But what about when those gedolim were young? Stories about a tzaddik, when he was a child and the world did not yet know him as a tzaddik, are sure to make the deepest impression upon our little ones, as these are the stories they could relate to best. Stories like the one about the young Rav Shach, who, though abandoned and all alone in an unfamiliar and war-torn city, found comfort and happiness in the beis medrash, learning from his precious Gemara even as shells fell all around him. Or like the one about the young Rav Moshe Feinstein, whose father was makpid that his son not receive kavod for his learning achievements, in order ensure that his middos not be tainted.

These are the kind of stories that fill Small Giants—and that will fill your children with inspiration. Each anecdote is accompanied by gorgeous, full-color illustrations which help further bring the story to life. Also, each story includes a mini biographical sketch about the gadol in that story, so kids could get an even clearer picture of the great person that they’re reading about.

This is the kind of book you have to see in order to fully appreciate. Come check it out for yourself, either on our website or at your local Judaica store—you’ll see immediately why this book is such a rare and exquisite gem!

Click here to purchase online.

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