NEW RELEASE! The Amazing Aleph-Beis Experience

C422“Look, Ma, I’m a ches!”

I looked up from what I was doing, and sure enough, there was my little kindergarten boy, bent over and on all fours, in a way that did look vaguely like a ches.

“Where did you learn that from?” I asked him, bemused.

“From Morah,” my son answered proudly. “And now, see, I’m a daled!” He had his right arm sticking out, his left arm at this side, and his feet together.

So this is what they call sensory learning, I thought to myself as my son continued to twist himself like a pretzel, forming more and more letters with his body. It’s not enough to see the letters, write them out, and make them out of cookie dough—you gotta actually be them!

But you know, the method works! There’s nothing like actually experiencing something with your whole self that really gets that thing nailed down and into your kishkes.

Which is why I feel The Amazing Aleph-Beis Experience is such a great tool to teach kids the aleph-beis. In this book, which comes along with a read-along CD (so you don’t talk yourself hoarse reading the book to your kids each time they beg for it!), kids will join Morah Orah and her class as they ride through a maze of exciting rooms, with each letter of the aleph-beis situated in a different one. The letters are doing fun activities in the rooms, and Morah Orah’s students are invited to join them. Of course, whatever’s going on in each room starts with the same sound as the letter that’s there, and as your kids “travel” with Morah Orah’s class through the various rooms, and see and hear the letters practicing their sounds, you can be sure they’ll be practicing those letters’ sounds as well—and getting them right!
It’s all about sensory learning, after all…

Written by a reading specialist who has had much success teaching the aleph-beis to English-speaking kids, this book is backed with much research and thought. And the best part? You can’t imagine how much fun the book is! Your kids will have a ball with the animated pictures and all the other delightful details in this book and CD.

So give your kids a wonderful experience learning the aleph-beis—give them The Amazing Aleph-Beis Experience!

Click here to purchase online.

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