NEW RELEASE! Timeless Tales: Pesach Comics

c424If you’ve caught sight of your ten-year-old hunched over a page of colorful boxes and dialogue bubbles—you know he’s caught it: the Comics Craze.

It’s the latest rage, it seems. Kids just love ‘em, and they’re consuming them by the bookshelf-ful! And now we’ve got something to replenish your rapidly decreasing stockpile…

Timeless Tales is an exciting new series for kids and tweens, containing beautiful meshalim told over in that popular comics form. Each book is based on a different Yom Tov—and the nimshal of each mashal connects to that Yom Tov—but the meshalim themselves are so fascinating and suspenseful, your child will want to read them at any and all times!

Indulge your kids this Pesach. They’ve done their share in helping out at home. When you present them with a Timeless Tales book, you can be sure your little helpers will feel very well-compensated!

Click here to purchase online.

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