NEW RELEASE! Dieting Is Tough, Losing Weight Is a Cinch

L802If the plethora of dieting books out there on the market is an indication of anything, dieting is tough. Tough enough to make people want to shell out good money to buy books on the topic. Even if all those books will do is lecture you on why you should not eat that fresh cinnamon bun in your hand. (What? You’re still holding it, even after the book told you to put it down?!)

But Dieting Is Tough, Losing Weight Is a Cinch is a whole different story. Here is a dieting expert who truly understands you. She knows how you’re salivating for that sticky cinnamon bun in your hand, whose warm vanilla glaze is dripping onto your fingers; in fact, she describes herself as “someone who always prefers cream cake to lettuce and whose best friend is chocolate”! She realizes that engaging in constant battle against an enemy called food is self-destructive, and she equally respects your desire to eat and your desire to lose weight. And—here’s the most amazing part—she will prove to you in this book that these two conflicting interests can coexist peacefully!

Yes, you read that right!

Weight-loss coach Rachel Lambersky has written a truly one-of-a-kind—and effective—dieting book that draws upon the foundations of life coaching and psychodrama and helps you lose weight without the aggravation that typically is part and parcel of every diet plan. Her secret? Listen to yourself.

This method, of course, is analyzed and explained in great detail in the book, but what you’ll also find in these pages is something that will really make you smile. Rachel understands that a serious topic such as weight-loss needs some comic relief, and boy, has she provided it for you! Take a look at these colorful and amusing comics found throughout the book, and tell me that you won’t find yourself giggling helplessly! At the oh-so-true scenarios; at Rachel’s humor; and yes, at yourself.

Now that you are on your way to losing weight—and maintaining that weight-loss—you really do have much to laugh about!

Oh, and hope you enjoy that well-deserved cinnamon bun!

Click here to purchase online.

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