NEW RELEASE! Medical Decisions in Halachah

l817These are the topics no one wants to discuss—yet no one can afford to not discuss. When it comes to end-of-life and other weighty medical decisions, the areas can be potential minefields, and as Torah Jews, we are urged to proceed with utmost caution—by knowing when and about what to ask sheilos.

A family receives a call that their father’s death is imminent. May they go on Shabbos to be with him?

The doctor says that the surgery he needs to perform has a mortality rate of 50%. Does halachah allow for that surgery to be done?

The doctor advises a patient to be transferred to a hospice facility for palliative care. What must the patient’s family be aware of before allowing for this?

Is one ever allowed to put himself at risk in order to save the life of another person?

Medical Decisions in Halachah, by Rabbi Moshe Rotberg, is a newly published work that deals with these issues and hundreds of others on the topic, all in a clear and concise fashion. The culmination of nearly a decade of research, done in conjunction with the leading poskim and medical doctors in America, Canada, and Israel, this sefer can be used as a guide at those serious times when a person’s medical care is being put on the table for discussion.

Click here to purchase online.

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