NEW RELEASE! Mitzvah Dolls

mitzvah-dollsI admit—I have a weakness for dolls. Yes, I know I am an adult and that dolls are generally considered the purview of little girls, but when I saw the cover of Mitzvah Dolls, I instinctively gasped and was filled with a warm feeling as I thought: Shiffy! Because the gorgeous blonde-haired doll on the front cover of this equally gorgeous children’s book does indeed look very much like Shiffy, the doll I had as a seven-year-old, and seeing this cover immediately brought back all those delicious memories of long days and nights spent playing with my doll, styling her hair, dressing her up…  And right away I knew I wanted to give this book to my own seven-year-old daughter, who, like her mother, enjoys nothing more than playing with her dolls.

The thing is, this book is not just a photo album of pictures of dolls. There’s tochen to it, too, on a children’s level, as each page of this unique book is graced by a photo of an adorably dressed doll doing a mitzvah. There’s the picture of the dolls davening, the doll helping his brother who fell off his bike, the one helping her mother fold laundry, and lots more. The corresponding rhymes that go along with each picture further enhance the presentation.

Do you have a little girl in your life who loves dolls as much as she loves reading books? Give her Mitzvah Dolls as a gift, and you’ve made this lucky girl’s year!

Click here to purchase online.

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