NEW RELEASE! Halachically Speaking 6

l827When your high school (or worse, elementary-aged!) kids start coming home from school spouting halachos you think might be vaguely familiar…but maybe not…or maybe you remember hearing them the opposite  way?…well, then, you know you’re in trouble! Although, in all fairness, it’s been a while since your own halachah classes in high school, so perhaps there are grounds for you to be excused…?

All joking aside, when it comes to halachah, there really is no excuse not to know the relevant laws governing our lives. As Torah Jews, by hook or by crook we’ve got to know halachah! But at this stage of your life, what can you do, short of brushing up on your knowledge by way of your child’s halachah notes and his or her teacher’s handouts? You don’t really have time to attend shiurim, and thick, scholarly halachah sefarim are a bit out of your league…

That’s where the Halachically Speaking series comes into play. Concisely written and extremely reader-friendly, these books are designed to teach you many of the little-known halachos in a clear and straightforward manner. By reading just a section or two a day from these books, you could be covering a lot of ground and understanding exactly what you’re reading about.

The sixth volume of this amazing series just made its debut, and each book is an absolute gem in terms of its content and readability. Invest in your family’s shemiras halachah…buy a copy of Halachically Speaking 6—and the whole series—today!

Click here to purchase online.

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