NEW RELEASE! Operation Entebbe: The Dangerous Play

Do I date myself by saying that people were still singing this Miami Boys Choir song when I was growing up? But I’m not that ancient—I wasn’t born at the time when the “victory in Entebbe” story actually unfolded, and thus I never fully understood the exact story, or the intricacies of the nissim that occurred for our Nation at the time when the story took place.

Until I read Operation Entebbe: The Dangerous Play. This high-quality comics book relates the fascinating story of the hijacking in Entebbe in such an engaging and dramatic way, your kids won’t realize they are actually learning a piece of history. From the feedback we’ve been receiving, kids—especially boys, who love anything to do with planes and gangsters—enjoy this book so much, their parents have a hard time separating them from it! My own little boy was glued to the pages of Operation Entebbe for weeks.  He kept it near his bed, and even took it to school with him!

(And, by the way, adults are loving the book, too. Why do you think I read it, and now know so much about this story?!)

If your kids are “into” comics books, and you’d like for them to learn some recent Jewish history while at the same time enjoying a good read, this is a book you’ll definitely want to buy!

Click here to purchase online.

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