NEW RELEASE! When I Am a Mommy

Don’t you just love how the biggest guilt-chargers can be your own kids? The kid misbehaves, leaving you no choice but to give a punishment/consequence—and then she turns the whole thing on its head by complaining how unfair it is, and how when she’s a mommy, she will NEVER do this to her children. (Did we say that to our own parents? No, it can’t be…we were angels as children, weren’t we?)

Well, in When I Am a Mommy, an absolutely adorable book for young children, the author turns thattypical response of children on its head, raising lots of thought-provoking questions for kids to mull over instead of firing the next complaint at their parents.

When I Am a Mommy will make both parents and children laugh and think. Truly, this is a book that will be much beloved and appreciated by all!

Click here to purchase online.

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