NEW RELEASE! What’s the Halachah

New year resolutions. That’s high on everyone’s list of priorities these days. As Yom Kippur approaches and we feverishly search for more mitzvos to do, more merits to accrue, more ways to show Hashem we’ll be better this year, we make kabbalos—pledges to grow in certain areas of our lives. For some, the kabbalah will be not to speak lashon hara for a specific two-hour slot daily; for others it may be to bentch from a bentcher; still others may choose to learn something extra each day.

If you’ve chosen that third option, you may be faced with another dilemma: what exactly should you learn? Of course the choices are endless, but here’s a new and excellent idea you might want to consider: What’s the Halachah? by Rav Zev Smith and Rabbi Dovid Kaiser.

Rav Zev Smith is well-known as a popular maggid shiur and speaker on halachic issues. He has thousands of recorded shiurim in circulation on a wide range of interesting and relevant, day-to-day topics. Now, for the first time, some of the best of these shiurim have been adapted into written format, in a way that’s easy to learn.

Covering topics relevant to each month of the year, What’s the Halachah? explores dozens of intriguing questions in halachah, such as: May an ebay seller set his auction to conclude on Shabbos? Should a person worry against ayin hara? May one listen to krias haTorah or Megillas Esther being read over the telephone?

As Torah Jews, we know that halachah dictates our every action in life. Let’s resolve to grow in our halachic observance this year. By using What’s the Halachah? as a guide, we can take real steps toward understanding the vastness and the beauty of the world of halachah!

Click here to purchase online.

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