NEW RELEASE! Right, Left, Right

It never fails to amaze me. When a kid puts on his shoes, statistically speaking, he should have a 50% chance of putting them on the right feet, no? Of course there’s an equal chance that he’ll get it wrong, but at least half of the times he should be getting it right, right? (Ooh, that’s a good tongue twister!) So why is it that when my little ones try to dress themselves, their shoes nearly always end up on the wrong feet?

Go figure.

Left and right is a hard concept for kids to understand. Hard or easy, though, it’s something we parents try to explain to our children (even if only to make sure they look presentable when they dress themselves!). In that case, wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow slip in some ruchniyus while teaching and repeating to our kids, “The left hand makes an L…”?

You certainly can! When it comes to mitzvos, so many of them are done with either the left hand or the right hand (or both). Right, Left, Right, a delightful children’s book that recently hit the market, can tell your little ones all about that!

Each brightly illustrated, laminated page in this book features a mitzvah, and tells which hand the mitzvah is done with. Shaking lulav and esrog, blowing shofar, laying tefillin, and more…your kids will be drawn like a magnet to this entertaining yet educational book!

And who knows? This book may be just the thing to teach them to put their shoes on the right feet—at long last! :)

Click here to purchase online.

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