RECENT RELEASE! The Story of Sarah Schenirer

C467“Mommy, guess what!” cries the little girl as she flings herself off the school bus and into her mother’s waiting arms.

“What?” her mother replies with a grin, taking in her daughter’s flushed cheeks, windblown ponytail, and still-sharply pleated, brand new uniform.

“We have the NICEST Morah, and we’re gonna learn how to read this year, and we’re gonna get a siddur, and…and…we even have HOMEWORK!!” This last word is said with all the self-importance a six-year-old can muster.

Her mother swallows a giggle (wonder how long the excitement for THAT will last?). She takes her daughter’s hand, and together they walk home from the bus stop, visions of a bright and cheery Bais Yaakov school dancing merrily in both of their heads.

Another jewel in the crown of Sarah Schenirer, the founder of Bais Yaakov.

As a parent, wouldn’t you love for your young and impressionable daughters to learn about this extraordinary woman; to understand how the Bais Yaakov schools they are lucky to attend came into being? Yes, your girls may be too young to read those big, thick biographies written about this great tzaddekes—but it would be so nice if there was something for young girls to read, too, about the incredible work of Sarah Schenirer…

Well, now there is!

The Story of Sarah Schenirer, the second book in the Learning from our Leaders series by Rebbetzin Sarah Feldbrand, has been written specifically with beginner readers in mind. In a simple, child-friendly way, this biography for kids tells the story of who Sarah Schenirer was and why and how she began the Bais Yaakov movement. Young readers (especially girls!) will be drawn to the drama that plays out in the pages, as well as the illustrations that appear throughout the book.

Each Jewish girl attending a Bais Yaakov is another link in the exquisite chain which Sarah Schenirer began. Let your daughter understand how valuable that is! Give her the gift of appreciating her legacy.

The Story of Sarah Schenirer is an excellent place for that appreciation to start.

Click here to purchase online.

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