NEW RELEASE! Born to Rule

Generally, you either love historical fiction or you really dislike it. History buffs will drool over a new historical novel (the thicker and more detailed, the better!), while those seeking drama and intrigue for their reading pleasure will choose an emotion-laden, contemporary novel instead.

Born to Rule, though, crosses boundaries when it comes to book genres. Yes, it is a historical novel, taking place during the fascinating Geonic period, when Baghdad and its environs were the central location of the Jewish community. But at the same time, this is a book that throbs with emotion and drama.

We enter the lives of Surura, the spoiled only daughter of the Reish Galuta, who has everything she could want but is plagued by loneliness and unanswered questions; Osnat, Surura’s aunt, whose dreams are shattered merely hours after her wedding; and Gershon, whose journey to a distant land becomes a whole lot more perilous than he ever expected. We follow these and other characters’ lives as they intersect in spellbinding ways.

When it comes to surprising plot twists and character development—this book has definitely got it all. And the wealth of information you will gain about Jewish history, particularly during the times of Rav Saadya Gaon, will absolutely enthrall you, whether or not you ever felt drawn to this topic.

Truly, Born to Rule is a book that will find its place on the “Favorites List” of readers with all kinds of tastes!

Click here to order online.

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