NEW RELEASE! The Tefillin Companion

Mazel tov! Your son’s bar mitzvah is just around the corner. There’s a big bash to organize, of course, complete with booking a hall, ordering invitations, and figuring out centerpieces. And there’s the matter of making sure the bar mitzvah boy is outfitted properly: buying his new hats, his white shirts, his suit, etc. But at the top of your list, in terms of importance, is surely the brand new mitzvah your soon-to-be-adult son will now be acquiring: tefillin.

This is no small thing, mind you. For the rest of his life b’ezras Hashem, he will be putting on tefillin every single weekday—so this is a mitzvah you want to make sure your son is fully prepared for. Of course you’ve already ordered his tefillin for him, but have you given thought to the many intricate halachos that pertain to this mitzvah? How well does he know them?

That’s where the recently released book, The Tefillin Companion, comes in. It offers a clear summary of all pertinent halachos and information about tefillin, following the order of the Shulchan Aruch and written in an easy-to-read format. This sefer is an invaluable guide for both Ashkenazi and Sephardic tefillin-wearers, as it includes the laws pertaining to both sects. Questions such as the following are addressed:

* In which situations does one fast if his tefillin fell to the floor?
* May one eat, drink, or nap while wearing tefillin?
* How often should one have his tefillin checked to ascertain their kosher status?
* What constitutes a left-handed person regarding wearing the shel  yad on one’s right hand?

Endorsed by Rav Shlomo Miller shlit”a and Rav Avrohom Schorr shlit”a, this sefer should definitely be on the “To Buy” list of every parent of a bar mitzvah-aged boy!

Click here to order online.

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