NEW RELEASE! Bike for Sale

Sometimes the nicest treasures are the undiscovered ones that you have in your own home. Like the chunky crystal vase you once received as a gift and had no idea what to do with—until, come Shavuos, the enormous bouquet of flowers you always buy suddenly had a beautiful home. Or the fuzzy throw blanket you once picked up on sale at Walmart, and then forgot about—until your child, who always complained she was too cold at night, found it, and began to sleep soundly and cozily through the nights again.

Bike for Sale, by popular author Bracha Rosman, is an entertaining children’s book about this very idea. Lay-Lay wants a new bike, although there’s really nothing wrong with her old one. She comes up with the idea of selling her old bike and using the money to buy a new one for herself. But it’s not as simple as it sounds…and soon Lay-Lay is the one who discovers the joys of making the most of what you already have!

A fun and engaging story for kids of all ages!

Click here to purchase online.

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