NEW RELEASE: Torah Tavlin on Tishah B’Av

Brand new for the Bein Hametzarim!

Torah Tavlin needs no introduction—it’s got something for everyone, from satisfying divrei Torah and savory stories of our gedolim, to the “spicy” quotes of famous Chassidishe masters, and everything in between. A delectable dish is comprised of a vast assortment of ingredients, and in much the same way, the secret to Torah Tavlin’s popularity seems to lie in its diverse variety of stories, parables, and divrei Torah. Now, for the Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av, we present Torah Tavlin on Tishah B’Av—a special volume with stories, sayings, wit, and wisdom on the Three Weeks, Megillas Eichah, and Kinos. The book also includes the full text of Eichah and select kinos, with explanations from Hagaon Rav Chaim Belsky zt”l.

Make the most of this special time period. Sad and heavy as they may feel, these weeks hold the potential for so much uplift and blessing, too—if we choose to use the days properly. With Torah Tavlin on Tishah B’Av providing a steady stream of inspiration, you will find yourself emerging from the Three Weeks feeling encouraged, stirred, and closer to Hashem.

And isn’t that something every Jew wants for himself?

Click here to order online.

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