NEW RELEASE! My Family Is Moving

I was recently going through a box of memorabilia from my childhood (all those cute coloring pages and old report cards…ahh, nothing like nostalgia!), and I came across an interesting letter that I’d written as a kid.

Dear Zeesy,

Even though I’m moving to a new house, we’ll still stay friends, okay?

The letter was both amusing and eye-opening for me. For years I had lived on the same street as my childhood friend Zeesy, and then, at some point, my family had moved to a different neighborhood, about a ten-minute drive away. When I wrote that note, I knew that nothing else would be changing—Zeesy and I would still be in the same class at school, would spend most of our day together, and would see each other on many occasions after school (as most of the shopping and “places to go” were back in my old neighborhood)—yet clearly I was still worried. Would my family’s move negatively affect my friendship with Zeesy?

Reading the letter now, as an adult, gave me a glimpse into my mindset as a child. Change isn’t easy for anyone—but it’s exponentially harder for a kid.

But what can you do? Families do need to move, sometimes more often than we’d like! How can parents ensure that their children have a smooth transition when they are in the process of moving?

Well, folks, being that this is not exactly a psychology or parenting article, we won’t be getting into the particulars of that answer right here and now. But one thing I can tell you is that there is an excellent book out on this very topic, and it can do absolute wonders for a child whose family is moving.

In My Family Is Moving, the fears children have of the changes brought on by a move are expressed and validated—and then reassuringly soothed. The book has a charming storyline, told in rhymes, and the cutest illustrations ever. If your family is planning a move, this is a book you’ll want to keep by your kids’ side in the car (along with the cardboard boxes and anything else you managed to squeeze in there!)!

Click here to order online.

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