NEW RELEASE! Making a Difference

I think the story that first did it in for me was the one where Rabbi Winiarz publicly praised the customer service representative he was speaking with on the phone, as described in the excerpt below.

When we call customer service, do we ever think about the fact that there is an actual human being on the other end? Abba did. Before getting down to business, Abba would establish a personal connection with the representative. The conversation would usually begin like this:

Representative: Hello, you’ve reached Chase Bank. This is Jamal speaking, how may I help you?

Abba: Hi, Jamal, how are you today?

Representative: I’m doing well, sir.

Abba: That’s great. Do you think you can help me regarding… 

Only after establishing that connection would Abba work out his business. At the end of the conversation Abba would thank the representative profusely for being so helpful (if he was indeed helpful). One of Abba’s classic conversation endings went like this:

Abba: Jamal, is this conversation being recorded for quality assurance?

Representative: Yes, sir.

Abba: Well, I just want everyone to know that Jamal is doing a really great job!

Try to imagine being a customer service representative. People call them all day and complain. They get yelled at most of the time, and even if everything goes right – nobody says more than a “thank you.” Abba’s validating and appreciative remarks would brighten up the work days of the hundreds of reps he would deal with every year…

I mean, who does this kind of thing?

Then I read on, more and more stories about this incredible person—and I realized that although most people do not march up to the elderly war veterans they see on the street and shake their hands and say, “Thank you for your service,” or walk into yeshivah kitchens to thank the staff working there, Reb Dovid Winiarz was NOT like most people. As a community askan, one-man kiruv machine, husband and father, radio show host, and above all, ben Torah, Rabbi Winiarz was one of the most unique and dynamic people out there, and in the course of his short life, he changed the lives of thousands.

Making a Difference relates the amazing story of this ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things. It’s a book unlike one you’ve ever read before—because Reb Dovid Winiarz was a man unlike anyone you’d ever met before.

If you’ll be reading one non-fiction, inspiring book over Sukkos, make this the one. You’ll be exceedingly grateful for it!

Click here to purchase online.

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