NEW RELEASE: Oh, Brother!

Oh, Brother!

“Mazel tov, what did she have? …Another boy?!”

A relative of mine has seven boys in a row, bli ayin hara. It came to the point where, when we’d hear that she’d given birth, we’d hardly had to ask what she’d had—because of course it would be a boy. (One of her kids was once overheard saying, “I think my mommy only knows how to have boys!”) And then, after all these boys, the mother actually went on to have…a girl! And afterward, miracle of miracles, another girl! Yes, two all-frilly princesses living in a very boy-oriented house. Who would’ve ever thunk…?

If your family’s “boy-girl scheme” is tipped heavily on either side, of if your kids have ever grumbled about where they’re placed in the family order, Oh, Brother! is one book you’ll want to own! It’s an adorable story, written by popular children’s author Dishy Schiffman, about Tzipporah, the not-so-happy only girl among a bunch of brothers. The takeaway from the book is the fact that every family’s “boy-girl scheme” and order has been custom-designed by Hashem, who takes each member of that family into consideration while planning it out. Oh, and that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence! If you don’t believe me about that, just ask Tzipporah’s Bubby…


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