Right Angles


Right Angles

You know those first-year teachers you can spot from a mile away? The ones who clickety-clack into the classroom in their high heels and blazers, with nary a smile in sight, because, as any fresh seminary grad who completed her teaching course will tell you, the rule of thumb is not to give the faintest hint of a smile to your students until Chanukah time.

That’s the kind of teacher Perri had. Yet despite Miss Fishman’s strict demeanor, and all her carefully prepared lessons, Perri thought nothing of acting out in her class and behaving otherwise obnoxiously toward her teacher.

How could Miss Fishman have known about all the water under the bridge in this student’s life?

In this well-written, emotion-laden novel, we meet a fun-loving, outgoing teenage girl, whose breeziness and air of extreme nonchalance tightly mask the turbulence and heartbreak going on beneath the surface. As the story progresses, the characters become alive in the reader’s mind, and our hearts go out to both Perri and her family and to Miss Fishman, who, through no fault of her own, has no inkling as to why her student is giving her such “royal” treatment.

Right Angles is a thought-provoking and enjoyable read, whose subtle message of the importance of seeing the bigger picture, rather than just one angle of it, comes through beautifully and clearly.

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