I Know 6


C628I Know 6

Yes, after reading this book title, you probably have strains of Uncle Moishy’s “Who Knows One; I Know One” wafting through your head, fast becoming an earworm. But Rabbi Dubin’s newest book and sing-along CD actually refer to a different set of “Sixes”: the Six Constant Mitzvos and the Six Remembrances, both of which we are all supposed to know cold. And boy, will these songs become fast favorites among your entire family, with everyone knowing them backward and forward!

I speak from experience. After playing this CD just a couple of times at home, my kids were already singing the Sheish Mitzvos Temidios and Sheish Zechiros songs by heart! They were enjoying themselves, flipping through the attractive illustrations while humming along, and me? I was beaming! I mean, is this free tuition or what? My kids had just learned these important concepts without any of us even realizing it!

That’s the amazing power that Rabbi Dubin and his books have. They slip in the most fundamental lessons in such a sweet and fun way, that no one ever realizes that they are actually learning—because they’re just having such a good time at it!

If you’re looking for a great afikoman present for your kids, I just know you will love I Know Six!

Click here to purchase online.

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