Rocking Horse


Rocking Horse

Historical fiction. That beloved genre that so many readers gravitate toward. It’s got all of the ma’alos of an entertaining fictional story, yet it runs so much deeper than a frivolous novel. A well-researched historical fiction book will transport you to another era, educate you as to what exactly went on during that time period, even make you feel like you lived during that time.

And when the author of that historical novel is as eloquent as Leah Gebber, whose writing virtually sings and dances off the page…well, you know that the book in your hands is an absolute jewel!

With this background in place, let me introduce you to Rocking Horse, Leah Gebber’s latest historical novel. Set in Europe of 1881, when the winds of the Haskalah movement were blowing strongly enough to uproot even sturdy roots, the book explores what life was like for a frum shtetl girl who married into a modern-society family, and the agony and decisions she had to face as she attempted to straddle two worlds.

Other intricate subplots are deftly woven into the storyline as well—all beautifully crafted, and all based completely on true historical facts.

Reading Rocking Horse will bring you to tears, but it will also warm you, as it shows you the strength and resilience of our nation. For no matter how much we are rocked, shaken, and tossed about, we have the Torah to anchor us and to always keep us secure.

Click here to purchase online.

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