The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch

C655The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch

We’re not even up to Simchas Torah yet, but Candy Season is already in full gear where I live. I mean, we just went through a Rosh Hashanah! And a Yom Kippur! And for little kids, you know what that translates into, right? Jolly Ranchers. Laffy Taffies. Zazas. Twizzlers. Gum lollies. Winkies. Mike and Ikes. And the list goes on…

Well, how else would my kids let me daven, if their mouths would not be full of sugar and Red 40 and all the rest of that junk? And let’s not even start with discussing Simchas Torah pekalach, because just the thought of those HFCS-laden bags is enough to give me the shudders…

Fellow health-conscious (and teeth-conscious!) moms, wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a real, live Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch living in our own neighborhoods, who could cure our children of their nosh-guzzling habits the same way she cured Bella Scheiner of hers?!

Wait. You do know what I’m referring to, don’t you? If not, check out the second volume in the Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch series, called The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-MentschIn this absolutely delightful book for young readers, there is a great story about Bella, whose candy-consuming habits has really gotten out of hand…until Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch steps in.

Go ahead. Let your kids read the story for themselves and find out what Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch did for dear Bella. You never know… Maybe Bella’s cure will be contagious, and you might just be thanking Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch, too, along with Bella’s grateful parents!

Click here to purchase online.

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