There are those kids who will sit and listen to Rabbi Juravel CDs for hours on end. For them, this pastime is me’ein Olam Haba; they like nothing better.

Then there are other kids (some of whom I know quite well…) who have no patience to listen to a long CD. They have too many other things to do, people to see, places to go…

For some reason, though, when it comes to an action-packed book, especially a comic book, these kids are in all the way. Maybe because it (usually) takes less time to read a book than to listen to a CD. Or maybe it’s because the book has illustrations.

Whatever it is, I can tell you from personal experience that The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel comic books are extremely popular among my kids, even those kids who have no interest in listening to the same story related on a CD!

And the best part is…when my kids are engrossed in Shipwrecked (or Shugashvili’s Secret or Falsely Accused—the other two books in The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel comic book series), I know that they are imbibing wholesome lessons, Torah hashkafos, and solid hilchos Shabbos. What could be better than that?!

For those who are unaware, The 39 Melachos with Rabbi Juravel comic books are exciting mystery stories, written in comic form, with various hilchos Shabbos woven into each storyline, and then highlighted and explained better in a sidebar and at the end of the book. It’s really a win-win: Readers get to read a thrilling and suspenseful story, replete with spine-tingling drama, and they get educated about the 39 melachos at the same time!

Shipwrecked is the latest book in this series, and just by flipping through the pages, you can tell what a quality book this is. The illustrations are outstanding, and the content—as mentioned above—really can’t be beat. Whether or not your kids are into Rabbi Juravel’s CDs, if they like comic books—they’re going to love this book!

Click here to purchase online.

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