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In the fifty plus years since Israel Book Shop was founded, the world of Jewish literature has evolved from a few siddurim and Chumashim for a fledgling community, to an array of books in all genres for all ages; books which appeal to a flourishing Torah world.

It is characteristic of any established society to express its unique experience through literature. Israel Book Shop Publications is the vanguard of literature in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Israel Book Shop Publications publishes and distributes novels, books on self-help, humor, contemporary halacha, and hashkafah, as well as classic reference books on the Torah. Our books address the Orthodox Jewish community of the 21st century. Moving forward, we will continue to bring the best contemporary literature to the Orthodox Jewish community. This blog will be, im yirtzeh Hashem, a place for Israel Book Shop to communicate with our customers, listen to feedback from our readers; and a center for Israel Book Shop Publications offers and contests.

Start by answering our first call for feedback. Vote in the “hechsher poll” conveniently located to the right of your screen, then leave an explanation of your comment or opinion in the comments section of the post above. By leaving your comment, you are automatically entered in our drawing. Happy voting (and commenting)!

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