The Next Page Magazine

“What’s this? Another new magazine??”

Fear not, dear reader…this is not another new magazine. This is something different.

As readers, we all know the cozy feeling of sitting down, or curling up, with a brand new book in our hands…..We finger the new pages, fresh from the printer…some of us go so far as to smell the paper (don’t deny it, now :-))….

We know you love books. This magazine, published seasonally, will focus on new book releases and other book-industry related articles. We hope you will enjoy getting the “scoop” on new books, even before they hit the shelves….

There’s another thing: Our goal is to always be on “The Next Page” of Jewish publishing…. To this end, we reach out to you, our industry experts, for your opinions. Please turn to the back page of this publication for an opportunity to make your voice heard, and become a part of the process. As an added bonus, you can win $100.00 and other prizes, just for the fun of it!

We’d love to hear from you! Our new blog is designed just for you…

See ‘ya on the next page!

Click link to view the magazine online:

The Next Page Magazine

One Response to The Next Page Magazine

  1. Fayge Siegal says:

    Your question cannot be answered as a simple yes/no. We need some sort of rating system, a kosher version of parental guidance, age appropriate etc. Some things are fine for adults but might put disturbing ideas in kids minds.

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