New online serial novel, by Esther Rapaport, author of “Diamond in the Rough”

Rafi Zimmer, neglected child of a dysfunctional family, is at his lowest ebb. Nava Cohen, a high school teenager, is feeling stifled and choked by her relationship with her parents. And Ronny Gelbart is looking for just one thing—a way to get even with the chareidim in his neighborhood.

What happens when Ronny, on the warpath, searching for revenge, decides to make use of the insidious weapon called blackmail? Can Rafi ever escape his past and put his horrible background behind him—or will he forever be entangled in Ronny’s tight clutches? And is it possible for Nava’s eyes to be opened to the bright rays of the sun in her life—or will she always remain blind to them?

Check back on Thursday for chapter one of this new and exciting novel…

One Response to COMING THURSDAY!!!

  1. HH says:

    Cool concept… can’t wait!

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