My First Sing-Along Siddur

Here at the Israel Bookshop, we like to work with background music. No, really. Not “background music” in the figurative sense, as in ringing phones and noisy printers, but in the literal sense—as in real music. Somehow, there’s something about the strains of the latest Baruch Levine or Shloimy Gertner CD that really gets the energy pumping in the air and the creative juices flowing as we work on ads and back cover texts. I guess you have to be a music lover to understand it, and we have a few of those here…

But if you had walked into our office sometime last month, you may have been surprised to hear songs like “We Open One Eye, We Open Two,” “Hashem Gave Us a Present,” and “Don’t Walk in Front of Me” wafting in the air. Yes, I know we all (supposedly) grew up already, but…the CD that comes along with My First Sing-Along Siddur is so irresistible, we just had to slip it in the CD player and listen to it ourselves before bringing it home for our kids to listen to a thousand times each day. (And by now, it’s practically coming out of our ears, although our kids are still asking to hear it for their thousand-time daily dose!)

The nice part of it all is that the CD comes with the most adorable “siddur,” fully-illustrated and containing all the age-appropriate tefillos for kids to say each day. Those kids old enough to read can follow along with the words, while the really little ones can daven simply by singing along with the CD. It’s a win-win situation, and one of the cutest and most practical gifts you can get a child of any age.

Click here to purchase a copy for the kids in your life…

3 Responses to My First Sing-Along Siddur

  1. Karen says:

    Wish I could buy it, any idea when it might be back in print?

  2. Bracha says:

    That looks like a book that I’d get for my kids. Not that I have any yet. Though, I must say that I do not think that I would like to listen to the CD at work. If somebody were to turn that on in my office I would probably yank the plug out of the wall! But if you and your entire staff don’t mind listening to it while you work, kol hakavod. It reminds me of a saying I once heard: It’s alright to get older and grow up, but never become a “grown up”. I’d just prefer to sing the songs on my own.

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