In Stores Now! Cornerstone of Chinuch

It is the subject of many parenting classes and support groups. The topic of discussion at tables of many weddings and social events. The issue discussed at many a PTA conference. More, it is the deepest desire of Jewish parents worldwide, and it is the substance of so much of our prayers.

What is “it”? you may ask. “It” is teaching our children to have good middos.

Why is it so difficult for a child to share his toys with his friends? What is it that makes so many children feel that everything is “kumpt mir (coming to me)”? And more importantly, what can we do to help our children change and behave in a more refined and considerate manner?

The answers to these questions lie in the newly released gem of a book—Cornerstone of Chinuch. Written by veteran mechanech Rabbi Yonoson Yodaiken, this book contains ten specific strategies for how to instill good middos into our children. As menahel and Head-teacher of the largest Chareidi elementary school in England, Rabbi Yodaiken has an enormous amount of experience with educating children, and in Cornerstone of Chinuch, his first book, he gives over many of his educational tools and tactics, all in his clear and organized fashion.

Are you a parent or an educator? Would you like to improve your child or student’s behavior and interpersonal relationships with others? If so, you will discover that Cornerstone of Chinuch has been written just for you.

Click here for a video clip of the Author speaking on the topic of Chanoch Lanaar Al Pi Darco… Enjoy!

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