In Stores Tomorrow! – Changing Tides

Devora Weiner is back again with a new novel! Popular author of the famous Hearts of Gold books 1 and 2 and White Ice, among numerous other titles, Devora’s name is synonymous with books that captivate her readers with plots that are realistic as they are thrilling.

In her newest book, Changing Tides, Devora focuses on four women who have been friends forever, but who have secrets and insecurities that none of them would ever dare share with each other. However, as the foursome’s friendship deepens, their intriguing journey of self-discovery leads them to each encounter truths about themselves that even they had never suspected.

Changing Tides is a book that will both entertain you and make you think. Watch Debbie, Miriam, Leah, and Sarah come to life under this talented author’s pen. Your meeting them will be like… meeting yourself.

Click here to purchase the book online.

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